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Jiaozhou: nine new policies activate the development of artificial intelligence industry

Science and Technology Wang Jiangao

correspondent Li Yinghui Sui Lijun

reward the settlement of new projects, with a maximum of 10million yuan for a single enterprise, encourage enterprise R & D and innovation, and a maximum of 5million yuan... On September 22, at the Fifth China Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 used as insulating materials or mattresses, Jiaozhou, Qingdao implemented nine policies launched to promote the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry, It has been widely praised by participants at home and abroad

Photo by Li Yinghui at the opening ceremony of 2019 China Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Jiaozhou, Qingdao

as a key field of the next round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change in the world, artificial intelligence has become a new engine to promote economic and social development. According to the "opinions of Jiaozhou municipal government on promoting the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry", the newly issued policy of 9 single sets of devices with a range of 10000 tons/year is to reward newly registered artificial intelligence enterprises with an actual investment of more than 20million yuan by 10% of the actual investment, with a maximum of 10million yuan for a single enterprise; To support the sustainable development of enterprises, newly recognized "Gazelle" and "unicorn" Ai enterprises will be rewarded with 1million yuan and 3million yuan respectively; Cultivate and incubate start-ups. For each AI enterprise successfully cultivated by incubator and maker space, if the annual operating income reaches more than 20million yuan for the first time, a one-time reward of 300000 yuan will be given to AI enterprises and incubators respectively; Enterprises that preside over or participate in the formulation and approval of AI standards at home and abroad, at all levels and in the industry will be rewarded up to 1million yuan; Encourage the exploration and application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology in all links of the industrial field. For completed projects with an investment of more than 1million yuan, 30% of the project investment will be rewarded, with a maximum of 1million yuan; 3. The mechanical part is lubricated regularly to promote urban and rural demonstration applications, and each demonstration project will be rewarded with a maximum of 2million yuan; Build an artificial intelligence cluster Park, with a maximum subsidy of 10million yuan for the demonstration park; Venture capital institutions that register and set up a fund custody account in Jiaozhou with a paid in capital of more than 200million yuan will be rewarded at 1% of the paid in capital in the field of artificial intelligence in Jiaozhou, with a maximum of 20million yuan

biweizhun, the mayor of Jiaozhou, said that through the implementation of nine new policies, Jiaozhou will promote the accelerated breakthrough of key technologies in the new generation of AI industry and the transformation and upgrading of AI enabled manufacturing industry, and strive to create three AI industrial agglomeration parks in the city by 2022, introduce and cultivate 30 AI enterprises, implement 30 AI application demonstration projects, promote the integrated development of 300 enterprises and AI, and create high-end manufacturing The "Jiaozhou mode" of the integrated development of modern logistics and artificial intelligence will build a leading artificial intelligence industry development ecosystem in Shandong Peninsula

at present, Jiaozhou City is using the "five new kinetic energy strategic development platforms" such as Jiaozhou artificial intelligence Industrial Technology Research Institute jointly established by the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Jiaozhou Municipal People's government and the China Science and technology Weishi company to build a basic research and development platform, realize new breakthroughs in basic AI technologies such as machine learning, and promote speech recognition, computer vision The general technology level of artificial intelligence, such as natural language processing, has been improved, and it has become a hub city for smart communication across the country

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