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Nine dragons, Zhongshun and other paper-making enterprises won the praise of "advanced private enterprises in the fight against the COVID-19" from the all China Federation of industry and Commerce

but whether such inclusions can meet the requirements of engine oil is clear to everyone. Release date: Source: Guangdong Paper Industry Association

in order to vigorously carry forward the great spirit formed in the fight against the COVID-19 and fully stimulate the sense of mission and honor of the majority of private economic people, On December 14th, 2020, the all China Federation of industry and Commerce issued a notice praising the advanced private enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in the fight against the COVID-19

among them, Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) 3. The samples were pretreated at 23 ℃ 2 ℃ to avoid electrostatic induction for 24 hours. Paper enterprises such as Zhongshun jierou Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. and Shandong Sun Holding Group Co., Ltd. were on the list of advanced private enterprises to combat the COVID-19. Congratulations to the above paper enterprises

in this severe struggle, the majority of private enterprises give full play to their own advantages, actively fulfill the social responsibility, and actively participate in the people's war to deal with epidemic prevention and control through donations, donations, organization of conversion and resumption of production, global procurement of epidemic prevention materials and direct participation in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, which not only provides strong material support for epidemic prevention and control, but also solidly completes the work of "six stabilities" and implements the task of "six guarantees", Make important contributions to promoting economic and social development. And make greater contributions to the realization of the "two centenary goals" and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

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