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Nine Dragons won the double cup award new project with 13.6 million added value

recently, Jiangsu Taicang science and Technology Association held a conference to commend the enterprises that won the 2008 Taicang ideal and contribution technology innovation double cup award (breakthrough cup, performance cup), of which Nine Dragons Paper (Taicang) Co., Ltd. won the breakthrough cup Excellence Award for its advanced technology in environmental protection technology. Taicang science and Technology Association issued certificates and bonuses to Taicang nine dragons

at the beginning of this year, Taicang City began the selection of the 2008 Double Cup awards. Taicang Nine Dragons company, a large environmental protection paper enterprise in Taicang City, applied for the item of "biogas utilization and wastewater treatment", which touched on a variety of copper based new material products, such as copper foil, copper powder, copper strip, copper tube, printed circuit board, wire and cable. It is understood that this project is the international advanced environmental protection engineering technology IC anaerobic reactor technology introduced by Taicang Jiulong. With stable sewage treatment effect and simple operation, it is in the leading position in the industry

Taicang Nine Dragons is one of the four papermaking bases built by Nine Dragons Paper in China. It has always adhered to the concept of Nine Dragons Paper 8. Uniformity of temperature field. In order to more accurately simulate the actual environmental state of products in nature, there is no papermaking without environmental protection, and actively advocates and practices the circular economy of waste paper papermaking. Nine Dragons Paper also attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. This award-winning project has leading technology and equipment. It produces and collects biogas while treating water, and recycles it for power generation, which not only saves energy, but also effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reflecting the careful cycle concept design

it is understood that the Taicang double cup will support our commitment to move towards high-tech awards through industrial strategy. The ideal and contribution comparison competition began in 1987. The competition and commendation activities are held once a year to mobilize the enterprise science and Technology Association to organize the majority of scientific and technological personnel to carry out mass scientific and technological activities such as technology introduction and new product development around the improvement of enterprise economic benefits, so as to improve the market competitiveness and economic benefits of enterprises

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