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A nine year old boy with cerebral hemorrhage, a family of five people living in a 6-square-meter cabin

nine years old, is the time for children to live a carefree and happy life; However, Meng Lingjun, who was studying at Heilongjiang Road Primary School in Nanjing, had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage two days ago and was unconscious. So far, he has not been out of danger. Meng's father is an environmental sanitation worker in Nanjing. His family of five lives in a 6 square meter cabin. The sudden serious illness of the child can also accept the instructions of other equipment through RS232 port, which is a heavy blow to the family

[the nine year old boy's cerebral hemorrhage has not been out of danger yet]

at present, Xiao Lingjun is being monitored and treated in the ICU of Nanjing Zhongda Hospital. This afternoon, the doctor just gave him a brain CT examination, and Meng's father and mother were very distressed. Dad said that the child suddenly felt dizzy two days ago. He didn't expect his condition to be so serious. Meng Lingjun's father recalled, "I had a good meal at 7:30 on Tuesday morning and went to school normally. About 9 o'clock, I felt sick with a headache at school. I went to the child and called me, Dad, I had a headache, so I took him home. After sleeping for about half an hour, he vomited. He felt better when he vomited, so I didn't care."

when the child feels better, he wants to go to school to copy down the homework assigned by the teacher, but then the headache worsens. The couple rushed the child to the hospital, and Meng Lingjun fell into a coma on the way. After examination, the doctor found that the child had intracerebral hemorrhage. How could a nine year old child have intracerebral hemorrhage

[cause: cerebral hematoma burst congenital disease]

the doctor said that the aneurysm in Meng Lingjun's brain is a congenital disease. This aneurysm is like a time bomb, and I don't know when it will explode. Some people will be induced by anxiety or trauma, and there is no special incentive like Meng Lingjun. Doctors speculate that it may be related to the stimulation of cold weather

today is the third day after the operation, and Meng Lingjun is still in a moderate coma. The doctor said that the current condition is very dangerous. Can you wake up from a coma? Auto parts testing machine automatically analyzes 2 The oil pressure system has serious oil leakage and the treatment test results are not easy to judge

[love will keep you alive]

father Meng is an environmental sanitation worker, raising three children. A family of five lives in a 6 square meter cabin. In these three days of treatment, 50000 yuan of medical expenses have been spent, and the subsequent treatment still needs a lot of expenses. Meng Lingjun's father said, "the big girl is also in school, the second is in the fifth grade, and the child is in the third grade. My wife is not in good health. I am hyperthyroidism myself, so I rely on working to support this family."

Meng's father said that Meng Lingjun studies very hard and is the flag bearer of the school. Looking at his son in a coma, Meng's father and mother have been wearing tears on their faces. The doctor said that the next treatment is mainly to stabilize the intracranial condition first, and then use the mature experimental machine technology to find a way to slowly wake up Xiao Lingjun

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