The hottest plastic market in Asia

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Some plastic markets in Asia

the market for high-speed imported iron ore is weak; Domestic ore market performance is stable; The billet market operates safely; Coke market operates steadily; Slight rise in the shipping market pressured polyethylene: prices fell. At present, the quotation of Thai suppliers in the market is 700 US dollars/ton (China CFR) and 720 US dollars/ton (Southeast Asia CFR), the quotation of Korean manufacturers is as high as 740 US dollars/ton (China CFR), and the counter-offer of Malaysian users is 700 US dollars/ton (CFR), The purchase price of Chinese buyers includes Platts' goal of reducing production capacity in the coal industry. The global energy "annual breakthrough solution" award is intended to be between US dollars/ton (China CFR)

linear high-pressure polyethylene: the supply is tight, and the market price remains stable. At present, the transaction price of bulk goods sold by Middle Eastern manufacturers is US dollars/ton (CFR), while the quotation of Korean manufacturers is about US dollars/ton (Chinese CFR), but no buyer has expressed interest

low pressure polyethylene: Although the market demand in China and Southeast Asia is weak, the price remains stable due to supply shortage. At present, the price of film grade products of Middle Eastern manufacturers is US dollars/ton (China CFR)

PVC: the market situation is still soft. The quotation of Japanese manufacturers is US dollars/ton (China CFR), but this price is obviously too high. The buyer's purchase price intention is only US $580/ton (China CFR), while the counter-offer for Indonesian and Thai products is much lower, only about US $550/ton (China CFR). Prices in the Southeast Asian market remained stable, with the manufacturer's quotation of USD/ton (CFR) and the buyer's counter-offer of USD 550/ton (CFR)

polystyrene: due to the weakness of styrene monomer Market and the reduction of downstream market demand, the price of polystyrene shows a downward trend. At present, the supplier's quotation has been reduced to 680 US dollars/ton (CFR), while the buyer's purchase price intention is 670 US dollars/ton (CFR). The price difference between general polystyrene and high impact polystyrene has narrowed to $20/ton, mainly due to the high inventory level of high impact polystyrene

polypropylene: the market price has declined. At present, Korean manufacturers offer homopolymer injection molding grade products at US $590/ton (Chinese CFR). The counter-offer of the Chinese buyer is USD/ton (China CFR). In the Southeast Asian market, TPC lowered the quotation of all its products by USD/ton. In addition, the quotation of Thai manufacturers for homopolymer injection molding grade products is 580 US dollars/ton (CFR), while the counter-offer of the buyer is reduced to 570 US dollars/ton (CFR)

abs: price drops. The supplier's quotation is $960, and the temperature control accuracy of humidity test box is higher/ton (China CFR), while the buyer's ex factory price is $per ton (China CFR)

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