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The plastic market in Yuyao showed a stable and rising pattern

last week (December 9 to December 13), the plastic raw material market in Yuyao China plastic city increased slightly. The upward market in the previous period seems to have been consolidated this period, but the support is not too strong. The market features of this period: first, the popularity is gathered, and the transaction is relatively active; Second, there have been some positive changes in the market, especially the continued rise in international oil prices, which has played a role in stabilizing the market; Third, there are still few resources, and the supply of some varieties is tight. Most operators are optimistic about the future market, but the terminal demand is not booming

the price of low-density polyethylene increased slightly, and the mainstream price was 6750 ~ 7100 yuan last weekend (ton price, the same below). Shanghai Petrochemical q281 is 7100 yuan, Q200, N220 is 7000 yuan, N150 is 6950 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical LD100 and ld605 are 6750 yuan, 1i2a is 6850 yuan, and 1i50a is 7900 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical 18D is 6850 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical tn00 and tn26 are 6950 yuan; Qatar 0274 is 7000 yuan. The low-density polyethylene market rose slightly, mainly driven by the rise in the price of linear low-density polyethylene, but the effective demand has not been significantly amplified. According to the sellers, the transaction of low-priced products is good, and the trading volume of Yanshan Petrochemical products is enlarged due to the low price. It is expected that the future market of LDPE will be stable

the price of linear low-density polyethylene stopped rising and stabilized after a slight rebound for two weeks, and the price was between 6200 and 6350 yuan last weekend. Yangzi Petrochemical and Tianjin United 7042 are 6200 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical and Jilin Petrochemical 7042 are 6250 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical 7042 and Zhongyuan ethylene 7050 are 6300 yuan, Xinjia green new material Po 1002 is 6250 yuan, South Korea Hanyang 3224 is 6300 yuan, and Saudi Arabia 218w is 6350 yuan

according to traders, the actual trading volume began to decrease after the price of linear low-density polyethylene rose. However, the development among regions is not balanced, and the situation in East China, North China and other regions with large demand for linear low-density polyethylene is relatively good. The price of imported goods in Tianjin and Shanghai ports ranges from 6250 to 6300 yuan. It is reported that domestic manufacturers continue to raise prices due to low inventories. It is expected that the future market of linear low density polyethylene will be sorted out

the rise of HDPE market has slowed down, and this period is basically in the state of consolidation. There are not many overall resources, and the actual trading volume is limited

wire drawing material is 6300 ~ 6400 yuan, unchanged from the previous period. Due to the lack of effective demand and expectation to further develop a new generation of carbon fiber epoxy prepreg, further price increases have been restrained. Daqing Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical 5000S continued to sell for 6300 yuan last weekend, while Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S was 6400 yuan, South Korea Hunan 5000S was 6300 yuan, and South Korea petrochemical E308 was 6350 yuan. From the perspective of transaction, the trading situation of this variety has not improved significantly

note: plastic is 6400 ~ 6500 yuan, the low price is increased by 100 yuan, and the high price is stable. The market price of Shanghai Petrochemical sh800u was raised to 6400 yuan last weekend, which was the same as that of Daqing Petrochemical 2200j and Dushanzi Petrochemical 6070; Fushun Petrochemical 2908 is 6450 yuan; Panjin Ethylene 5070 is 6500 yuan. The ex factory price of all production enterprises remained basically unchanged

film material 6 measurement range: 2% of full scale ⑴ 00% fs400 ~ 6700 yuan, the low price is increased by 200 yuan, and the high price is stable. The market price of low-priced Shanghai products was raised this period, and the price of mh602 was 6400 yuan last weekend; Jinfei petrochemical tr144 continued to maintain the market price of 6400 yuan; Yangzi Petrochemical raised 7000F to 6500 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical 6098 is 6700 yuan; Korea petrochemical F600 is 6500 yuan; The price of imported goods in Shanghai and Tianjin ports is 6400 ~ 6500 yuan

blow molding hollow material is 6300 ~ 6500 yuan, the low price is increased by 100 yuan, and the high price is stable. Except for the slight increase in the price of products in Shanghai, the price of other varieties continued to maintain the level of the previous week. The market price of Shanghai Petrochemical ch2802 was 6300 yuan last weekend, Yangzi Petrochemical 5200b 6300 yuan, Yanshan Petrochemical 5200b 6500 yuan, Jinfei petrochemical 5502 6500 yuan, South Korea petrochemical b303, South Korea Dalin 5502 6400 yuan

due to the relatively tight overall resources in the HDPE market, the small inventories of production enterprises and circulation links, and the high quotation in the international market, it is estimated that there is still a certain upward space for the subsequent market

polypropylene market performance is strong, and prices further soar. The price of homopolymer grade flat silk generally rose to more than 6900 yuan, including 6900 yuan for Dushanzi Petrochemical and Dalian Petrochemical T30S, 6950 yuan for Daqing Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical and Tianjin United T30S, 7050 yuan for Shanghai Petrochemical T30S and 7100 yuan for Yangzi Petrochemical F401; Injection grade/fiber grade is 6900 ~ 6950 yuan; The domestic copolymerization grade is 7100 ~ 7550 yuan, and the imported copolymerization grade is 7700 yuan. Due to the shortage of supply, the quotation of South Korea SamSung bj730 and Singapore ay564 is increased to 8400 yuan; Monofilament powder is 6300 ~ 6400 yuan. It is expected that polypropylene will enter a high-level consolidation in the future

the PVC market showed a trend of improvement. The price rose on the basis of the small rise in the previous week, with an increase of more than 200 yuan. The market price of general powder has risen to 6200 ~ 6300 yuan. Although the shortage of resources is the main reason for the upward trend of the market, the rising trading atmosphere and traders' increasing confidence and starting to hoard goods are also one of the reasons, which also exacerbated the market tension to a great extent. It is expected that the future rise of PVC will slow down, mainly in consolidation

the price of polystyrene increased steadily. The market price of general grade was 7950 ~ 8300 yuan last weekend. Among them, Daqing Petrochemical 200D and Zhanjiang xinzhongmei 535 are 7950 yuan, Panjin Ethylene 525 is 8000 yuan, Yanshan Petrochemical 666 D is 8050 yuan, Yangzi BASF 158k is 8150 yuan, and Zhenjiang Qimei pg33 is 8300 yuan. High impact resistance: 8450 ~ 8600 yuan. Among them, Panjin Ethylene 825 is 8450 yuan, Chevron 6025, Yangzi BASF 476l, Zhenjiang Qimei ph88h is 8550 ~ 8600 yuan

as the terminal demand is still relatively insufficient, although the price of polystyrene has increased steadily, the transaction is relatively quiet. At present, there are many bad news in the market, and the buyer is worried about the price fall and takes a wait-and-see attitude. It is expected that the polystyrene market will remain stable in the near future

abs prices are mixed, with domestic materials rising and imported materials falling, and the range is limited. At the end of last week, the price of domestic materials was 9200 ~ 9250 yuan, the price of imported materials was 9900 ~ 10300 yuan, and the price of Qimei 757 was 10600 yuan

although the transaction of ABS is not ideal, the price of domestic ABS rises instead of decreases, mainly due to resource constraints. It is reported that recently, some manufacturers have not only low inventory, but also low production. In December, the production costs of foreign ABS manufacturers will remain high, so it will be difficult for the ABS market to fall in December. But at the same time, considering that the current demand is still in the off-season, and some buyers prefer to take a wait-and-see attitude because of the expectation that the cost of raw materials will gradually fall, it is estimated that its trading volume will not be ideal, and the future market of ABS is likely to remain stable

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