The hottest plastic market in the Pearl River Delt

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The plastic market in the Pearl River Delta continues to weaken

recently, the hard glue in the Pearl River Delta lacks effective support. Since the decline last week, the market has continued to consolidate this week. At present, the mainstream domestic price of GPPS is 5750 yuan, and the price of ABS Daqing and Jihua products is 8000 yuan

ldpe basically maintained the price at the beginning of this week. The price of domestic f-18d was 7150 yuan and 7100 yuan. At present, the ex factory prices of Maoming Petrochemical and Guangzhou Petrochemical have been adjusted to 7000 yuan

in terms of LLDPE, since Guangzhou Petrochemical adjusted the price from 6300 yuan to 6400 yuan this week, our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has produced experimental machines for many years, the response was mediocre, and Maoming Petrochemical maintained the factory price of 6500 yuan last week. The mainstream price of domestic products in the market is 6550 yuan, and the price of South Korean products is 6950 yuan

hdpe drawing grade price continues to be strong, and the price of Daqing 5000S is 7350 yuan. Injection grade 2200j, price 6700 yuan

pp this week, the market continues to encourage aviation enterprises to directly act as agents for goods. The ex factory price of Maoming Petrochemical, which has a significant impact on the Pearl River Delta market, has fallen to 5600 yuan, that of Guangzhou Petrochemical is 5700 yuan, and that of domestic T30S in the market is 5750 yuan

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