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PVC, the most popular plastic market in Taiwan, China: the PVC market in the Asia Pacific region is very good. The export orders of Formosa Plastics in January and February have been sold out, and the quotation per metric ton has risen to $450. Formosa Plastics plans to raise the export price of March to $500. Affected by the slow off-season of the plasticizing market, Formosa Plastics' monthly PVC sales this month are more than 100000 metric tons, and there is a chance to refresh the record high level of 110000 metric tons. Formosa Plastics expects that the plasticizing boom in the first quarter of this year will recover significantly compared with the fourth quarter of last year


manufacturers of PP said that the main reason for the rise in PP was the rise in the international propylene market. Although the settlement price of propylene in January was $308 per metric ton, up only $4 from last month, the international propylene market has risen to $3300 per metric ton. Materials with at least four increases in PA66 and PA6 will reach their performance limit of more than $0. At present, domestic and export purchases of PP have been made. If the boom continues to be optimistic, there is a high possibility that related products will continue to rise


the supply of ethylene in the Far East is tight, and the spot price of ethylene in the Far East soared, and the spot price of PE in the downstream also rose by $15 to $25 per metric ton. In addition, traders expect that the export volume of plastic products in Chinese Mainland in the second quarter of this year will be significantly higher than that in the first quarter, and it is estimated that the import volume of plasticizing raw materials will increase from February to April. Therefore, inventories have been replenished again and again, prompting the spot price of plasticizing raw materials to rise all the way. The market of PE related products may be better until June, and the price will soar

propylene butadiene styrene copolymer and polystyrene

Taiwan's major ABS and PS manufacturers Chimei industry and delta chemical announced the domestic sales prices of propylene butadiene styrene (ABS) copolymer and polystyrene (PS) in February. ABS remained flat, and PS increased by NT $1 per kilogram. As for styrene (SM), the upstream raw material of these two products, it increased by US $18 to US $20 per metric ton. Among the raw materials, the market conditions of PVC, PP and PE are gradually strengthening. However, the development of a extruder industry still has a large market space, and the prices of BS and PS are slow to respond. Qimei and delta chemical announced the domestic sales prices of ABS and PS in February, of which ABS remained flat at 33 yuan per kilogram; PS increased by one yuan per kilogram, and the price after the rise promoted the optimization of industrial structure was 22 yuan; As for the settlement price of SM, about 430 US dollars per metric ton is called glass transition US dollars, up 18 US dollars to 20 US dollars. SM will undergo substantial annual maintenance since March. As the annual production capacity of SM manufacturers scheduled for annual maintenance is as high as one million tons, in view of the fact that SM plants have successively entered the state of annual maintenance after the Spring Festival, the market estimates that there is a great opportunity for SM prices to rise

due to the fake demand of ABS and PS when traders pick up goods in advance, the price of relevant raw materials will rise, and the purchase of mainland processing plants has not really opened. It is estimated that the demand for ABS and PS will gradually strengthen after the lunar new year

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