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Guangdong Hong Kong plastic market quotation

Maoming Petrochemical informed dealers to suspend quotation due to tight supply, and dealers believed that South China soft rubber, especially PE, would stop falling and rebound. The business representative of Korean business agency mentioned that the transaction price of Korean soft rubber has increased by $10/ton recently, and the trading volume has increased, but they also mentioned that downstream factories are mostly worried about the war of revenge and increase the reserves of raw materials

the plastic market in Hong Kong is extremely popular. Various plastic materials have an increase of US dollars/ton, and the transaction is active, but it is extremely light on Tuesday morning. Insiders mentioned that this is related to the wait-and-see mentality of insiders

the demand and transaction price of imported materials in South China's ABS market have increased compared with that of ordinary metals. ABS 757 is 9000 yuan/ton, and ABS 15a1 of Taihua is 8800 yuan/ton, an increase of 200 yuan/ton over last week. However, domestic ABS raw materials, such as ABS 301 of Lanhua, ABS 9715a of Jihua, and ABS 750 of Daqing Petrochemical, are difficult to rise due to sufficient supply

as, lighter materials increased by 50 to 100 yuan/ton. In Shunde market, Ningbo LG as was about 7400 yuan/ton, Taihua as 3200 was 7450 yuan/ton, and Zhenjiang Guoheng and Zhenjiang Qimei were yuan/ton. The loading speed was too fast or too slow. At the same time, each company strengthened its technical services. The expansion of the blue as material market strengthened its technical services to downstream factories through dealers

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