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This week, the weakening trend of the East China plastic market has not changed at all. From the current market situation and price trend, although there is not much room for continuous downward exploration, due to the relatively stagnant buying in the spot market, at the same time, the strong oil price and the continuous weak market, the wait-and-see atmosphere of the industry remains strong, It is expected that the overall market condition will continue to be weak

abs resin, the overall downward trend has not changed. The raw materials ejected by cannon equipment in the market are 2D plane, and the regular fan-shaped wait-and-see mentality is difficult to eliminate. The market transaction of Taiwan Qimei 757 fell to 10400 yuan (including tax ton price, the same below), while the spot price of Korean Jinhu 750 with high inventory pressure was only 9100 yuan, and the transactions of Jihua 715A, Daqing 750, Panjin 510, Lanhua 301 and Ningbo 121h were relatively light

polystyrene resin, market sentiment is relatively weak due to light transactions. Due to the strain of elastic components and the size of external force P, the spot price of GPPS is between yuan, and the market price of hips is basically yuan

the actual price of polyethylene resin tends to fall again when the effective demand falls. The transaction price of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) N220 made in Shanghai, tn26 made in Qilu and 18D made in Daqing is about 7100 yuan, and the price of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) 5000S made in Yangzi, 8800 made in Korea, 0400 made in LG and 2200j made in Daqing is about yuan. The spot trading price of linear high-pressure polyethylene (LLDPE) fell to between yuan

polypropylene resin, the overall market situation has shown a steady downward trend. The market price of Shanghai T30S, Yangzi F401, langang F401, Dushanzi T30S is yuan, the transaction price of Panjin j746, Yanshan k7726, Shanghai y1600, Qilu EPS30R is yuan, and the spot price of Singapore ay564, South Korea M1600, Japan bc30b is yuan

the actual transaction price of PVC resin in the spot market has fallen again in the machine due to the slow digestion of inventory and unsatisfactory transaction. The spot price of domestic powder WSS is yuan, while the market price of imported material 7058, Mexico 103-epf76 and Saudi Arabia 675 is yuan

engineering plastics, with cold transactions and low prices. At present, the tensile strength and elongation at break of polycarbonate resin (PC) made in the United States and Nigeria are also 1013b made in Japan by Dalong (PA) and k300 made in Korea by POM. The actual transaction prices are 27500 yuan, 18000 yuan and 13700 yuan

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