Spain considers making it easier to officially cha

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Spain considers making it easier to officially change gender - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

People in Spain wishing to change their official gender will no longer have to undergo medical and psychological exams or years of hormone treatment if a bill from the Equality Ministry on Wednesday is taken up by the government and becomes law.
Spain currently requires transgender people to have hormone treatment for two years before they can change their gender on administrative records, a precondition criticised by the European Court of Human Rights.

An official at the Equality Ministry, which is run by the far-left party Unidad Podemos, said the state should not “submit trans people to blackmail” in this way.
However, the news sites El Confidencial and elDiario said some ministers from Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist partyThe only reason, bu, Podemos’ coalition partnerThe B.1.617 variant, sometimes calle, were not in favour of allowing people simply to declare their own gender.

Debates are taking place in many Western countries over whether self-determination of gender is the only way to guarantee transgender equality and avoid systemic abuse.
Some feminists argue that broadening access to gender identity could dilute women’s fight against the structural disadvantages they face worldwidevariant: what we know and don.

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